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Canine Kids

Welcome to our Canine Kid's site!! Because dogs are so much like children, we like to call them our canine kids. So come on in and meet our kids!!

Munchy was part of our family for a very long time. She has now gone on to Rainbow Bridge. Please take the time to get to know Munchy and see how wonderful a Pug can be.

Meet our Canine Kid, Angel. She's our beautiful West Highland White Terrier. And what a bundle of joy she is.

Kody Bear is on of our beautiful Boxers. He's a blast to be around. What a character he is.

Chief is our other gorgeous Boxer. He's a sweetie pie, but a little on the silly side.

Looking for a wonderful pet?? Try one of the terrific animal rescue organizations. Not only can you find a great companion, but you will also be saving an animal. We have provided links to several animal rescue sites.

Check out all the terrific awards that our Canine Kids have won!!

Visit the links to some of our other sites!!

We Hope You Enjoyed Your Stay!! Please Come Again!!

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