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Angel's Pictures Page II

All the pictures on this page were taken after Angel's first Birthday!!

The following pics were taken October 16, 2003. Angel was a few days passed one year and 4 months old. In September she had her yearly checkup. She weighed in at 11.8 pounds and Doc said she was completely healthy.

She knows a couple of tricks...she will sit, beg, and lay down on command. Only took several months to get her to learn those three. We still haven't conquered the whole "stay" concept. She's a tad stubborn. *smiles*

She's so cute in her little t-shirt, too bad she won't keep it on. *smiles*

Angel at Christmas time in 2004. She was 2 years old and 6 months.

She just couldn't wait til Christmas morning. Ha!

Angel and Kody actually getting along. lol!

Angel doesn't exactly like Kody too much.

He likes to pester her.

Angel keeping watch over our home. Probably trying to guard it from

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